iOS 12: As we have all noticed, it has become a ritual with Apple to release its next-generation mobile platform in the WWDC. Definitely, we are not expecting any exception in 2018. Therefore, we guess that Apple is all set to unveil iOS 12 on 4th June, 2018 and thereafter make the beta version of the platform available to all the developers and users as well within the next few days so that they can get all the feedback to perfect it. Thereafter, the Apple iOS 12 will be released (probably) in the month of September along with its next-generation smartphone. At that time it will be also available to all present iPhone users at free of cost and it is optional.

iOS 12 Features

The All New iOS 12

iOS 11 and its later revised version came with a lot of issues which needed to taken care of by the developers. Therefore, the primary focus of the developers at Apple is to make sure that the new platform is stable and users enjoy using it rather refreshing it or call up the support team to help them fix bugs. And we are pretty sure that the geniuses at Apple would come with a much better and versatile platform.

Apple iOS 12 Release Date (Beta & Other Versions)

The changes aboard the iOS 11, and the changes are indeed substantial, are many and it reflects Apple’s dedication towards the users. It’s too early to talk about iOS 12 release date as the things on iOS 11 are getting updated to get a fully fledged version. 

So, while the iOS 11 is already the talk-of-the-town, the possible iOS 12 features are clearly on many people’s minds. When will it release? Well, if the current timeline holds, the iOS 12 will be announced in 2018, most probably at the annual WWDC next year. It will probably be made available to the users in September 2018. Since the big iPhone event this year was held at the newly-built Steve Jobs Theater, we believe that it will be used next year for the big iOS 12 release. Expect a series of leaks to start emanating come early next year.

iOS VersionsRelease Date
iOS 3June 17, 2009
iOS 4June 21, 2010
iOS 5October 4, 2011
iOS 6September 19, 2012
iOS 7September 18, 2013
iOS 8September 17, 2014
iOS 9September 16, 2015
iOS 10September 13, 2016
iOS 11September 16, 2017
iOS 12September 10, 2018

iOS 12 Compatible Devices: List of iOS 12-compatible Devices

Talking about iOS 12 compatibility isn’t a tough nut. It’s clear that iOS 12 will also support 64 bit apps only so it’s very clear like daylight that the device support 64 bit apps will get the iOS 12 update. The iOS 12 compatible devices list will include all the devices that have been included in the iOS 11 compatible devices list. The list will thus include all Apple iPhones post the Apple iPhone 5c. It will include the Apple iPhone 8 series as well as next year’s iPhone range. Besides, the iOS 12 will play host to the iPad Air as well as later iPad Air models. It will include all the iPad Pro models, the iPad Mini 2 and the later iPad Mini models. Till now, we are not sure whether the sixth-generation iPod Touch will be compatible. This is something that only time will tell. let’s have a look on the at a glance of iOS 12 compatible devices hereinbelow. 

List of the compatible devicesiOS 12 Compatibility
iPhone 5S (A7 Chip)The first device that comes with 64 bit app support
iPhone 6The A8 chip processed on 20 nm process supports 64 bit apps
iPhone 6 PlusDo
iPhone 6SA9 chip comes on it with great performance speed enhancement
iPhone SEDO
iPad 2017DO
iPhone 7A10 chip comes with 30% faster processing
iPhone 7 PlusDO
iMac ProDO
iPhone 8The new A11 chip with Neural Engine comes with 64 bit support
iPhone XDO
iPad Mini 4With A9 Chip this is compatible with iOS 12
Apple iPad AirDO
iPad Mini 2 & 3DO

iOS 12 Wishlist: What New Features iOS 12 Might Come With

In this section let us have a closer look at what changes can we expect in the next generation iOS platform. In a recent spate of discoveries, we have managed to identify several new features which might be aboard next year’s iOS 12. While some of the newer features are outrageously futuristic, like Micro-LEDs with Quantum Dot technology and vastly improved AR capabilities, some are comparatively mundane. Much of this newer information comes our way from the various patents which have been granted to Apple. While some of these were granted back in 2015, some have only just been spotted now. Sit tight as we take you through what could possibly be some of the best iOS 12 features.


To Apple’s Chief software engineer Craig Federighi, the primary concern that needs attention while designing the iOS 12 platform is to make it stable, rather than including a lot more features to it. As its predecessor has been infiltrated with loads of bugs and since its release developers have to keep working on it, the Chief’s primary agenda with iOS 12 is to make it absolutely foolproof. This will definitely help Apple to gain back its lost reputation.

Yet we are expecting iOS 12 to come with some new features. Here is a list of rumored features we can expect in iOS 12.

New Set of iOS 12 Animojis

Emojis have already stolen our heart and become part and parcel of our life. Animojis was introduced in iPhone X last year and this year we are expecting considerable increase in the number of animoji characters and make the interface a lot user friendly. Rumor has it that the animojis will be also made available to the iPad users this year. Moreover, users will be able to use these animojis as masks while Facetiming. Lets see how exciting can this get!!

Multiple Users While FaceTiming

We have expecting iOS platform to add multiple users on FaceTime for a quite a long time. But till last year, when iOS 11.3 came along this feature was not included. So we can once again be extremely hopeful this time and expect Apple developers not to disappoint us.

One App for all Apple Devices

As of now, for different platforms used in different Apple devices like Macbook, iPad or iPhone different apps compatible with respective devices needed be developed. This time the developers are working to design an app that will sync perfectly with all platforms across all devices. This might mean a little change in the user interface of all the devices to make it work perfectly.

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Monitor Your Child’s Daily Usage of iPhone

Smartphones are definitely a blessing, but we can’t afford to overlook its ill effects as well. Kids are so busy playing video on smartphones and tablets, surf the internet or watch YouTube, that they have lost interest in outside activities. Making them lazy when they should be very active. Research shows that excessive use of smartphone has an ill impact on the overall development of a child. However, it has become extremely difficult for parents to stop/limit the use of gadgets. There are rumors that to curb this habit Apple developers have taken a positive step in this direction. They are designing a Health tool which has particular settings, using which it will be possible for the parents to keep a check a on the amount of time they spent on any of the Apple devices and thereafter control it.

Along with that we might also get to individual app locking feature in iOS 12. This will also be a big step towards parental control, though a bit of hassle on the main user’s part. It will enable children to have access to apps only with the prior permission of the parent and thus limit their use.

Upgraded File Manager

iOS 11 comes with a File manager, but it does not function as efficiently in comparison to the Android platform. Once connected to the cloud you would get access to all the files you have stored there, but any files you save in your phone for the first time does not get saved in the file manager directly.  The user has to manually save it in the File app and then it will show on this app. This is definitely nit user friendly. We would like to see the next general iOS platform to be programmed such that the file manager becomes the default file saving tool for the users.

Intelligent WiFi

We would be glad to have a smartphone with a tad bit smarter wifi. A wifi that will be able to recognize when you are home or in office, and automatically connect to the router there. And once you are out of its reachable zone it will get disconnected automatically. This will also help in enhancing the battery life of the gadget.

Better Siri

We aren’t complaining about Siri, it is already very smart. But if Siri comes with better integration with all the files and folders to make our search quicker and easier we would be really happy. Moreover, Apple has launched the HomePod lately and thus it has become absolutely necessary for Siri to be more intelligent so that it can understand all accents and pronunciations. Therefore, iOS 12 is definitely going to come with an enhanced version of artificial intelligence technology.

AirPlay 2

We were expecting AirPlay 2 to be integrated in iOS 11.3. But ultimately iOS 11.3 didn’t feature it. So there remains a big chance of iOS 12 being integrated with the same. This feature helps users to play music in more than one gadget at the same point of time. Therefore, you will be able to make the best use of it if you have a HomePod.

Video Resolution Change from Camera App

All iPhones have the ability to capture videos in two different resolutions, 4k resolution at 30fps and the normal 1080p at 30 or 60fps. However, if you want to change the resolution you have to do it from settings and not the camera app itself. It is time consuming and you might just miss out on the chance of capturing an amazing sequence. It would be really helpful if the camera app itself comes with the option to change video resolution and fps. It is not a major overhaul and could be integrated easily.

Check Availability Status

Apple has submitted a patent that will aid iPhone users to check from there contact list whether the person they are calling is available at that time or not and also know whether their phone is on airplane mode or silent mode or normal mode. We are not sure whether this feature will be included in iOS 12 or not, but definitely sometime in the future iPhones are going to have it. This is definitely a director encroachment on a person’s privacy, but we are pretty sure that Apple will integrate this feature intelligently so that only a person with this feature switched would be able to check the status of contacts in his phone’s list.

That’s all for now. These are more or less all the features that we are expecting to be integrated in iOS 12. We will keep you updated about recent leaks and rumors as and when we get to know it. Follow us to get regular updates.

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Apple Pencil? Will it be an enhancement?

Lastly, the iOS 12 will have a whole new ecosystem of features as far as the Apple Pencil is concerned. A recent patent obtained by Apple will help the OS to predict when the tip needs to be changed so as to stop screen damage. Stay tuned for more updates right here!

Wrap up

Before we let you go, we must inform you that the iOS 12 promises to be one of the best operating systems ever devised. We have only a year or so to go before we are close to the iOS 14. So, this list is an ever-expanding one. It will constantly be updated. So, stay tuned.