iOS 12: All right, here we go. Apple created quite a flutter this year with the release of the iOS 11, an operating system which is seen by many as s step in the right direction, thanks to the bold decisions which Apple took. It, for example, removed any further support for the 32-bit apps and devices which could run only 32-bit apps, like the Apple iPhone 5c. While the process also weeded out thousands of apps and app developers from the existing market, the message was clear: Apple was not averse to risk-taking behavior. It also showed that Apple already has a firm grasp of the future of technology and where that future is leading us.

iOS 12 Features


Apple iOS 12: Release Date

Apple has stated that the new iOS 11 is a giant step for the next-generation Apple devices. It has also been described by most commentators as being among the greatest technological events in recent times. The changes aboard the iOS 11, and the changes are indeed substantial, are many and it reflects Apple’s dedication towards the users. Many of the users and developers had insisted on using only 64-bit apps from now on, as it would lead to better security. It would also lead many users to use better apps, as the 64-bit apps are clearly the future.

So, while the iOS 11 is already the talk-of-the-town, the iOS 12 is clearly on many people’s minds. When will it release? Well, if the current timeline holds, the iOS 12 will be announced in 2018, most probably at the annual WWDC next year. It will probably be made available to the users in September 2018. Since the big iPhone event this year was held at the newly-built Steve Jobs Theater, we believe that it will be used next year for the big iOS 12 release. Expect a series of leaks to start emanating come early next year.

iOS 12 Compatible Devices: List of iOS 12-compatible Devices

The iOS 12 compatible devices list will include all the devices that have been included in the iOS 11 compatible devices list. The list will thus include all Apple iPhones post the Apple iPhone 5c. IT will include the Apple iPhone 8 series as well as next year’s iPhone range. Besides, the iOS 12 will play host to the iPad Air as well as later iPad Air models. It will include all the iPad Pro models, the iPad Mini 2 and the later iPad Mini models. Till now, we are not sure whether the sixth-generation iPod Touch will be compatible. This is something that only time will tell.

iOS 12 Wishlist: What The New IOS 12 Might Come With

There is a lot of areas to cover if we are to cover the entire gamut of the functionalities of the iOS 12. We shall try and list a few basic ingredients which, if added, will make Apple’s 2018 OS a better one. This is also one of those things which we do every year; as soon as we had gotten our hands on the iOS 10, we had analyzed it and dissected it. We had also started discussions on what the iOS 11, which is a recent arrival, and many of our predictions have proven to be correct.

Feature 1: Have a system-wide Autofill system

This is one feature which can be applied across the entire OS. While we appreciate the recent changes in the iOS 11 when it comes to password managers, such as the ‘Password Autofill For Apps.’ This, however, controls everything that you fill in. If the password manager can control everything related to the device, it will be most handy. Besides, the Android and the Windows devices have already got a lot of neat password managers.

iOS 12 new feature of auto password filling

Not too many of the app developers in the current iOS 11 have made their apps open to editing by the password managers. Imagine using a new app on your favorite device and then having to manually type in the username and the password manually every time. A better password manager aboard the iOS 12 will help break this pattern.

Feature 2: Better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggles

We admit that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles aboard current devices leave a lot to be desired. While the iOS 11 has seen a lot of improvisation as far as the Control Center is concerned, you still cannot actually control the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services straight from the Center. If you disconnect from the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks by tapping on the toggles, it will not allow you to disconnect from the radios.

New menu featuring on iOS 12

While this might actually be a good thing, like you can still use the Apple Watch 3 and the Apple Pencil, besides the services like AirDrop and AirPlay, certain privacy issues might be cited to ensure that the services are turned off completely. Currently, we have to go to the ‘Settings’ tab to disable the services completely. In the iOS 12, we can perhaps ensure that the wireless networks and Bluetooth services are controlled straight from the Control Center. This can probably be achieved via a harder 3D Touch.

Feature 3: Return the Wish List Feature to The App Store

We admit that a certain amount of work has gone on the App Store in the iOS 11. That said, the wish list of the app store has now been discontinued. In case you had any previous wish lists made, you will not be able to retrieve them. The wish list of the app store was designed so as to let the users arrange what they liked- and what they disliked- about an app. This type of wish list is essential to keep a track on what you like about an app or a service, keep sending that feedback to Apple, and hoping that the issues have been rectified. You can thus help yourself by creating a wish list of how an app has changed since you last used it. In case it has improved markedly, you can ultimately buy it.

Feature 4: Introduce Camera Controls on the Camera App

In case you haven’t used the iOS before, you will find that it is slightly different when compared to many other operating systems. For example, the camera app does not store the camera controls and this is something that might be changed for the better. The camera app does not control the video resolution and file formats directly. This is accessible on a sub-menu of the primary ‘Settings’ screen. If the cameras can directly be controlled via the camera app, it would be much simpler.

Single swipe camera setting in iOS 12

Feature 5: Can we have a movable Back button, please?

We all use a number of apps on our iPhones. This is somehow not user-friendly, as there is only a small, too small, back button of the top left corner of the device. This might be a bit of a bother in case you are right-handed or use a bigger phone. To help the users, the back button can be considered maneuverable. Such a button might help the users use this feature better.

Feature 6: A proper File Manager

This is something that we sorely miss in the current device line up. The Files feature, which promises to act as a file manager as well as a file explorer, is okay but not great. A true file manager app is important in the long run. We want at least Android level authority over our apps and the file system. While the new Files system allows the addition of cloud drives to the device, it still has a long way to go.

Feature 7: More Control Center Customization Options

This is our last feature on our preliminary wish list. The more the merrier being the mantra, we believe that the control center should be more customizable. Now, we only hope Apple is listening.

Wrap up

Before we let you go, we must inform you that the iOS 12 promises to be one of the best-operating systems ever devised. We have only a year or so to go before we are close to the iOS 12. So, this list is an ever-expanding one. It will constantly be updated. So, stay tuned.