How to Find your iPhone’s UDID Number in a Simple Way

Find UDID for iPhone: An UDID or Unique Device Identifier is a unique 40 character alphanumeric number that functions as a device identifying mechanism on Apple devices like iPhone and iPads. Each iPhone has its own UDID number that is unique to it and helps to identify it. Now, sometimes you may need to find the UDID for iPhone, especially if you are a developer of iOS based applications or want to run unapproved apps on your device. So to help you out, we have written this tutorial to find iPhone’s UDID number quickly and easily.

UDID iPhone

Easy Guide to Find UDID number of Any iPhones

How to Find UDID for iPhone: What is it Used For?

Before we come to the procedure to find iPhone’s UDID number, you need to know why is it important and what is it used for. UDID is primarily used to run and test applications that are not available to the general public and is still under review. An app developer may want your iPhone’s UDID to provide access to some unreleased apps for testing, before it is released in the market. It is also used by app reviewers to try out new apps before they make it to the Apple app store. In general, you will only install applications that are approved by Apple and are available on the App Store. However, you can install third party non-approved apps on your iPhone by using the UDID to register with the app developer

Find Any iPhone’s UDID Number: The Process in Detail

Now let us dive into the procedure to find your iPhone’s UDID number. It is really very easy and you do not require any prior technical knowledge or training to go ahead with the procedure. Just follow the easy steps listed below:

  1. First of all, plug your iPhone into your Mac and then open up iTunes if it is not already running.
  2. After opening iTunes, select the iPhone’s icon from the top left corner of the window. Look just underneath the search bar. However, if you have plugged in more than one device on the Mac, then the icon will display both the devices. Click on it and select your iPhone.
  3. Now you will see the complete summary page of your iPhone which will include all the apps and podcasts too. The iPhone’s capacity, serial number and phone number will also be displayed on the top box.
  4. Click on the serial number displayed on the box and it will instantly change to UDID number.
  5. After the change, press Apple+ C to copy the UDID to the clipboard. You can also right click and select copy to perform the same function.
  6. Finally, find a blank document to paste the UDID by pressing Apple + V or right click on the document and select paste. Then save the document.

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Wrap Up

By following the aforementioned process, you can easily find iPhone’s UDID number and can also install and use third party applications that are not available on the Apple App store. However, you should be careful while using these unapproved applications as they may come with malware and corrupt your device. We recommend downloading applications from trusted developers only. If we have succeeded to help you find UDID for iPhone devices, then please share this article with your friends as well.

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