iOS 12 Release Date: Predicting the Next Upgrade in the OS Cycle

The iOS 11 has recently been unveiled for the world to see, and despite the mishaps that occurred onstage, we are definitely excited enough about the prospects of what is to follow after. We know that it’s early, but as is the norm with yearly releases, Apple is already working on the next level upgrade to the current platform. That brings us to the obvious questions surrounding the possibility of the iOS 12 release date. When will it arrive? And what will it bring in addition to whatever has been revealed? Let’s get to it.

iOS 12: What’s on the cards?

Despite the fact that the new OS has recently been released for most areas, the reasons why we are looking forward to the iOS 12 release date are plenty. First off, we have to address the fact that iOS 11 looks magnificent. What’s more is that it appears to be a stable enough model of a mobile operating system that is ready to take things truly to the next level. Secondly, there arrives the thing about patents.

Over the past year, some leaked Apple patents went to show that the company is brainstorming to get past that “Android rival” status and truly do something innovative: things that the world is yet to witness. While many speculated that these would makes their way into iOS 11, that wasn’t the case. Obviously, then, the iOS 12 is the next contender in the line which could possibly introduce these new technologies.

iOS 12 Release Date: When is it coming out?

To take a look at the iOS 11’s release pattern and how it stuck to Apple’s general plans, the company first previewed the same on June 5 during the opening keynote of WWDC 2017, followed by several beta releases (both for developers and for the public), with most countries getting the final update on September 19. This trend of a June preview and a September release has been continuing since 2012 when iOS 6 was released.

So to be clear, we expect Apple to preview the iOS 12 in June next year, and it is safe to assume that it will be the highlight of WWDC 2018. Inevitably, then, the iOS 12 release date will follow through after the next-gen iPhone showing, most likely sometime in late September 2018. We imagine that there wouldn’t be enough reasons to swerve Apple from their routine. Even for this year, there were speculations that this routine would not be followed through with because of technical delays. So it is clear, based on historical preedents, that the release date of iOS 12 is going to be as expected.

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Wrap Up

Predicting Apple’s device and software cycle, especially for their mobile range, is fairly simple. This is because although Apple has not followed a strict rulebook for their releases in, say, the iMac range, they have not deviated from their routine when it comes to the iPhone and iOS. That fact alone gives us the confidence to say that the new iOS 12 release date will be in September 2018 with no delays.

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