iOS 15 – What We Actually Want to See?

iOS updates have always been exciting for iPhone lovers. The people are always starving for more features and better upgrade. Many people are looking forward for the iPhone developers to cover up the previous small mistakes and give the utmost possible. Below is a iOS 15 Wishlist for many people.

ios 15 wishlist

An iOS 15 Wishlist Prepared by a Fanboy

More languages translation

iOS 14 has only 12 language apps translation facility. This is far away from Google and other services. Hence, it is quite possible that the iOS developers may turn the lights on by adding more languages.

Smooth Facetime

Earlier, the Apple Facetime was not familiar with motion-sensitive action. Many users have faced the issue of moving tiles while speaking. In the latest update, there are chances of an improved Facetime without any error of moving tiles.

Better Widgets

The Apple software developers might look into the widgets in more depth. Widgets are shortcuts for many. One can surely expect better widgets in the iOS 15 software. Useful widgets such as maps, clocks, music etc shall flow in every way possible and be placed anywhere on the home screen.

Delete option in iMessage

Earlier, there wasn’t any option of ‘delete’ in the Apple iMessage. This was a big hectic for the users who had mistakenly sent the message. The chances are there that the option of delete button will be available. However, Apple does see the security side on tight basis. Most probably, the recipient will get notified stating that the message has been deleted.

Magnificent cameras

Apple has always been the first priority for cameras. It never fails to disappoint us, be it any megapixel resolution. The lens of the iPhone cameras are of top class quality. Still today, many Youtubers find it more comfortable to shoot from an iPhone rather than a bulky DSLR. Therefore, all the eyes are craving for cameras with more details.

Maps in more depth

The users know the fact that cycling directions and guides are only available in iPhone. However, the cycling map is only limited to few cities. Hence, we can expect an upgraded map with cycle routes for other cities as well. On the other hand, many times the driver misses out to hear the invoice app. So, it is possible that the updated map may come adding more call to action, making it easy for the driver to follow in the upcoming iOS 15 beta download.

The best of Siri app

Siri app has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. It is very user friendly and one of the smartest technology today. We, as audience expect a far better Siri from Apple, who can understand us better, with point to point accurate answers. In this competitive world, people either want to be complete hands free or desire to grab the most facility available.

It is expected that the new Siri app shall make the people more reliable upon Siri voice rather than to type and check out the web results.

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